​Introducing the new way to breathe

The KN95 mask is the Gold Standard of face coverings. With a universal fit that is light and breathable, these masks filter up to 95% of particles in the air. When dealing with respiratory viruses like Covid-19, KN95 masks are scientifically proven to help protect from infection. KN95 Masks offer more protection than a cloth covering, and more comfort than a surgical mask. These certified disposable masks are the perfect choice for everyday use in indoor public settings. 

•Protect Against Covid-19

•Gold Standard Face Covering

•An Upgrade From Cloth Or Surgical Coverings

•Comfortable, Lightweight And Breathable

Essential features of our most popular mask

Five- Layer Protection

Our KN95 masks offer five-layer protection, including two premium quality melt blown layers for extra protective filtration against harmful air particles. 

Comfortable Design

Since the fabric is melt blown and non-woven, it has several features that make wearing and breathing more comfortable. Maximum protection, soft, skin-friendly cloth layers. 

Made For You

KN95 masks are made to fit you perfectly. The reinforced elastic straps, strong heat press, and an adjustable nose piece, allows you to fit the mask perfectly to your face.

Authorized Reseller

Due to popular demand, we exclusively stock KN95 Masks. For non-surgical settings, these are the mask of choice, for both comfort and protection. 

​What our customers are saying

  • ​Parker Stuart

    The best mask I've used so far, easy to breathe with and stays on my face!

  • ​Payton Hillman

    The mask doesn't fog up my glasses! I've been looking too long 

    for a mask that wont fog up my glasses and finally I've found it.

  • ​Marcus Jones

    Highly recommend this mask, I've been using this type since the first lockdown and I'm still Covid free.